My Novel – Little Sister Lost

Cuernavaca, Morelos, México

 NOTE: This is an exerpt from my fact-based fiction thriller, Little Sister Lost, Chapter 47. The book, which is about the first investigation I ever did when I initially became a private investigator, won an Editor’s Choice Award from my publisher. The above photo is one of modern day Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico, which in the 1940s was a hotbed of liberalism and  a haven for dissenters from US foreign policy. Enjoy!

“Finished speaking, Marvin Jonathan Freedlander raised both hands over his head in a victory salute. The guests loved it.

“This was the moment Matt Dawson had been waiting for. He sucked in his breath, raised his hand and was acknowledged. A microphone was thrust under his chin.

“Mr. Freedlander, what can you tell us about the murder of an American expatriate in Cuernavaca, Mexico a few days ago?” The hall grew quiet. Freedlander, taken by surprise, peered over his glasses at the man who had asked the question, but did not respond. What was it that was so familiar about the man?

“Then, recognition dawned. He pointed a finger at Matt. “I’ll kill you for this!” he snarled, his lips twisting with rage. Pulling the Beretta from under his suit coat he aimed it at Matt. Less than thirty feet separated the two men.

“Ann Kelly, standing a few feet to Matt’s right, adrenaline pumping, watched horrified, as the pistol came out. She saw the barrel pointed at her friend. “Noooo!” She cried, and flung herself headlong in front of Matt as Freedlander squeezed off two shots.” 

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NOTE: Recently, I learned that this book,  Little Sister Lost, was cited and used as a Primary Source for an article about Maxim Lieber, one of the characters in this fact-based novel. The article was written by David Chambers, grandson of David Whitaker Chambers, a major character in my book. To see the article click on this live link:  (There’s an _ thing between Maxim and Lieber, that you may not be able to see here. Add it anyway or you won’t get to the Wiki site.


7/3/12 – Occasionally, I receive correspondence about Little Sister Lost and the Lieber family. Here’s the latest, sent to me on or about June 16, 2012 . This one’s from a man who states that he knew the Liebers when they lived in Warsaw, was friends with Maxim, Minna, Ellen, and Harry, and is still friends with Ellen and Harry.

Dear Mr. Sacco,
With big interest I read your Internet page about the Lieber family.
I have to confess that when I reach the passage “Simultaneously, I contacted authorities in Mexico City and Warsaw, Poland and asked for their help in locating Minna Lieber. I also attempted to locate helpful persons in Branford, their last known address, and in the New York City area, where they were known to have lived at one time.” – I said to myself: oh dear, I can image how difficult and time-consuming was your task.
But of course, how you could know that the best source of information was living in Rhode Island ??
I met Lieber Family in 1954, in Warsaw. I became a very close friend with son Harry and daughter Ellen. I became something as a “household fixture” in this family until summer of 1968, when Liebers were forced to leave Poland due to antisemitic campaign initiated by Gomulka regime.
I kept contact with family, especially Harry through the letters and very
occasional calls from him through next nine years. In very early 1977 I surprised my “second family” with a phone call. I was calling from Rhode Island ! Short time later I had a very, very emotional reunion with all members of Lieber Family. Later on I visited Minna and Max very often. In his late years Max had a habit of sleeping 20 hours non stop – but when I arrived, he was awaken, happy and ready to have a few shots of vodka with me.
Max died in 1993, Minna died in 2011. I maintain permanent contact with Harry and Ellen, they are my dearest friends for a life.
A little zest in my e-mail: I am writing this sitting in the chair which was
occupied by Max from early 1950 to 1993.
Best Regards
Jacek Slusarek
401 461 6759
And this was my response:
“Dear Mr. Slusarek,
Thankyou for your very interesting e-mail about your contacts with the Lieber family.
The article you read, “A Most Reluctant Witness,” was written to publicize my fact-based fiction novel, Little Sister Lost. The book gives a much more detailed view of the Liebers during a very difficult time in American History. 
Should you be interested in acquiring a copy, you will find it on, or www.barnes& You can go there any time and read reviews of the book.
Kindest personal regards,
Anthony J. Sacco
2812 Foothills Road,
Cheyenne, WY 82009-4538


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