Review 1: Harris – Little Sister Lost

5.0 out of 5 stars LITTLE SISTER LOST—–5 STARS!!!,February 9, 2008
This review is from: Little Sister Lost: A Powerful Story of the Search for Anna Lieber, Her Husband and Children, Casualties of the Cold War. (Paperback).

LITTLE SISTER LOST is an amazing work—based on real events and as exciting as any novel you will ever pick up! The back-drop of facts (that many of us remember) interlaced with fictional, but very believable characters make this a book hard to put down, and when it is over you will wish it wasn’t. There rarely is a slow moment throughout, and whether one is old enough to have experienced this era of our country’s past, or he/she is just newly introduced to these historical facts, I can’t imagine a reader not being fascinated by this intriguing story. Those readers so inclined will enjoy the comparison’s between our capitalistic society and communism. Others may be more drawn to the main character’s personal struggles and how his religious beliefs bolstered him through painful times. Personally, I think it all blends quite harmoniously into one very good book!!!!


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