“Most of us simply do not realize what Secular Humanism is and how it is destroying our culture.”

  1. 10/22/13 – Cheyenne, WY – According to Dr. Tim La Haye and Dr. David Noebel, in their book “Mind Siege,” (Word Publishing, a Division of Thomas Nelson Company, Nashville, TN., 2000), “Most of us simply do not realize what Secular Humanism is and how it is destroying our culture, families and country. One day it could [if not stopped] destroy the entire world. It is not an overstatement to say that most of today’s evils can be traced to Secular Humanism, which has already taken over our government, the United Nations, our public and even some of our private educational institutions like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and many others, television, and most of the other power centers of life. Secular Humanism, whether it calls itself Marxist Humanism, Cosmic Humanism, Scientific Humanism, Planetary Humanism, Postmodern Humanism or some other label, is driven by an irrational hatred for Jesus Christ and it seeks to eradicate the Christian worldview from the media, the government, and especially public education. Secularists scorn creationism, design in nature, man in the image of God, the Fall, traditional or Biblical morality, the natural family of father and mother, and the religious and political faith of a majority of America’s Founding Fathers.”

I think this is a very good description of the effects of 40-50 years of unbridled Secular Humanism in the United States. I also think the authors are correct in their assessment of the problem.

The authors go on to say: “Unfortunately, the mainline churches – especially the denominations and seminaries affiliated with the National and World Council of Churches – have eaten, swallowed and digested tons of humanist dogma: evolution, socialism, Marxism, higher criticism of the Bible, moral relativism, amoral sex education, nontraditional families, liberation theology, process theology, gay theology, feminist theology, black theology, world government, and global citizenship, to name but a few.”

The American College Dictionary, published in 1962, which I [still] use when I’m feeling mistrustful of later editions, contains the following pertinent definitions:

secular; 1) of or pertaining to the world, or to things not religious, sacred, or spiritual; temporal; worldly. 2) not pertaining to or connected with religion, as literature, music, etc. 3) dealing with nonreligious subjects, or, excluding religious instruction, as education, etc.

secularism; 1) secular spirit or tendencies, especially a system of political or social philosophy which rejects all forms of religious faith and worship. 2) the view that public education and other matters of civil policy should be conducted without the introduction of a religious element.

Some countries of the world, like most of the Islamic ones, are Theistic. In other words, they are religious in nature, even though that religion is Islam, a religion which, in its holy book, The Koran, orders its members “to kill all the infidels, wherever you find them.” Our country, although founded by men who were mostly Christians, and whose founding principles, including its early laws, are based upon Christianity, is not Theistic but secular. In fact, one of the goals of the founders was to set up a government free of the coercive force of any governmental or state religion; religious liberty was what they called it. Its citizens were to be free to practice whatever religion they chose, or no religion at all, if that was their choice.

But it has only been recently, under the force of Secular Humanism, that the government of the United States has not simply tried to remain neutral; toward religion, but has actually become hostile and antagonistic toward it. This must stop.

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