Review 3: Evans – The China Connection

5.0 out of 5 stars Exposition of the technology transfer to China – 1990s, May 31, 2003. By: Henry C. Evans (Melbourne, FL) – See all my reviews.
This review is from: The China Connection (Paperback)

Tony Sacco has brought to real life through his fictional characters the greatest giveaway the U.S. has ever made, by the technology transfers of the Clinton Administration.

His characters tell the story in a most dramatic way of how missile technology was given to the Chinese for indirect funding to the Administration’s war chest. The story is dramatic and told so very well by the book’s hero, Matt Dawson, There are plots and inner plots that show how the Clinton Administration provided the incentive for some of the U.S. defense contractors to secretly provide the technology over a period of eight years to the Chinese.

The action is fast moving, much in the style of Tom Clancy which catches the reader into the large web of Chinese intrigue. Tony Sacco has a thriller and it should be a MUST for all readers of novels.

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