“Open Borders” is a Progressive Fantasy!

CHEYENNE, WY: 9/17/17 – President Trump was right to emphasize the border crisis and the entire illegal immigration problem during his presidential campaign. He was right to declare: “without a border we don’t have a country. And, he was right to promise to “build a wall” and to end illegal immigration. That is a promise he is working to keep, as several different companies are building different types of wall along the border, so we can decide which type of wall is best for the nation.

By contrast, during her campaign Hillary Clinton kept promising to follow and even extend Obama’s immigration policies, including amnesty and to create a path to citizenship rights and privileges for millions of people here illegally.

The extent to which she said she was willing to go? In a speech to Brazilian bankers in May 2013, she revealed that her “dream was to have open borders” for the 600 million inhabitants of the entire western hemisphere.

This is a progressive fantasy. 600 million more people packed into the United States would wreak havoc on the country, chewing up land and resources without limit. Further, this progressive fantasy discounts the achievements that created the United States’ unique success and ignores the vast cultural differences which have made resource-rich countries like Mexico poor and resource-poor countries like Japan prosperous.

It is the culture of the United States that has made it prosperous and great and it is THAT culture upon which progressives have declared war.

And, THAT is a war which we must fight and win!

e a wonderful rest of your Sunday.


Was the National Day of Prayer Ignored by Pastors and Priests Across the Nation?

CHEYENNE, WY: 9/15/17 – During Mr. Obama’s two terms in office, he never once attended the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. Nor did he ever declare a National Day of Prayer during those entire eight years.

On Friday, September 1st, President Trump named Sunday September 3rd as a National Day of Prayer – not for himself, not for his family, but for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. That hurricane had all but decimated Houston, TX and environs.

As always, I attended church that Sunday morning. I expected to hear an announcement of Mr. Trump’s action and prayers from the altar for this very special intention. What greeted me? Silence. My church, which has no problem supporting illegal immigrants who violate our borders and systemically destroy our sovereignty, and who are changing the demographics of our nation, failed to support a Christian president in a very Christian endeavor – nationwide prayers for people who needed it.

My questions for you? 1) was anything said or done to let people know about this National Day of Prayer at YOUR church? 2) if not, have you asked yourself why not? Better yet, did you go to your pastor or parish priests and ask why they had not  mentioned it?

Assimilation and Allegiance No Longer Obligations for Immigrants – Unless We Do Something About It!

CHEYENNE, WY: 9/15/17 – Since immigration is in the forefront of our “political discussion” these days, here’s a question for you: did you know that assimilation into the United States’ culture and allegiance to its constitutional framework were once obligations of immigrants coming to our country?

That’s right. But, it’s no longer the case. Assimilation has gone the way of border enforcement in the minds of liberals, progressives, the open-borders crowd, and the one-worlders.

In the past, American presidents emphasized the life-altering change that occurs when an immigrant renounces prior political loyalties and takes the Oath of Allegiance to the United States, leaving one people to join another.

By contrast, former President Obama, in a promotional video, said becoming an American citizen is “not about changing who you are; it’s about adding a new chapter on your journey.”

To punctuate this, he watered down the Oath of Allegiance to allow immigrants who were conscientious objectors, or perhaps adherents of the Islamic holy war against us, to ignore the part of the pledge which says “to bear arms on behalf of the United States.”


9/8/17: CHEYENNE, WY – Our nation has gone through a long moral darkness – at least eight years of it to be exact – dimming awareness of human dignity and the sacredness of life. If you take into account the long period during which abortion has been legal in this country, it has been even longer.

There is no doubt in my mind that if the recent presidential election had gone the other way, the downward spiral of our culture would have continued and even accelerated.

There is some glimmer of dawn in recent executive nominations by the new President and approvals, where necessary, by the Senate. The new Secretary for Health and Human Services has a one-hundred percent approval rating from the National Pro-Life Committee. The new Attorney General is a protector of religious liberty. And the new Secretary of Defense is a champion of the persecuted Christians in the Middle East.

So, how did these people gain their respective nominations? Through the team put together by President Donald Trump. THAT should, in and of itself, raise his approval rating in the valid, unbiased polls.

Questions have been raised by progressives, other liberals and Democrats generally about Mr. Trump’s competency. But, they should be put to rest after reading the opinion articles by numerous psychiatrists, including Dr. Keith Ablow, who said: “A man who is not competent to be president will be unable to assemble a team of people like these, who will be capable of selecting excellent nominees for these important leadership positions.”

COREY STEWART, (R-VA) for the U.S. Senate.

I received this missive from Corey Stewart, who has had the unmitigated audacity to run against Timothy Michael Kaine (D-Va) for a seat in the Senate of the United States. Kaine is the junior U.S. Senator from that state, and was a staunch supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton during her failed run for the presidency.   Please pardon me for including this plea for funds. But, I think it is vital that a Progressive like Tim Kaine NOT be permitted another term in our Senate.
“The battle for control of Congress is raging on – particularly in the U.S. Senate.
America has a critical opportunity to take out Hillary Clinton lackey Democrat U.S. Senator Tim Kaine in Virginia and that’s why I’ve announced my intention to run the most vicious and ruthless campaign to retire Sen. Tim Kaine from the U.S. Senate.
Many folks are under the impression that Tim Kaine is a mainstream politician. Let me assure you – that characterization could not be more wrong. Senator Tim Kaine is a big-government progressive in the mold of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.
Don’t take my word for it – Prominent Democrats know exactly who Tim Kaine is:

“Tim Kaine is a progressive fighter”
— Barack Obama
Tim Kaine “is passionately committed to social justice.”
— Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO)
“Tim is a classic social justice progressive.”
— Sen. Al Franken (D-MN)
“Tim Kaine is more progressive than Bernie Sanders.”
— Huffington PostTim Kaine is a far left, liberal progressive, so it’s no surprise Democrats and the Fake News Media are all in for Tim Kaine. We know they’ll pull out all the stops to protect their guy Tim Kaine. We must not let them win and keep their tenuous grip on the Senate.

That’s why I’ve promised to run a vicious and ruthless campaign to Retire Sen. Tim Kaine. My candidacy represents an existential threat to Democrats’ big government plans.

I’m up against the Democrat Machine – Kaine and the Clinton financed D.C. ‘Swamp’, along with the Fake News Media, are fully prepared to spend millions to spread their leftist lies.

But no matter what Kaine and Clinton throw at me, I’ll never back down – the freedoms and prosperity we enjoy are in jeopardy because of the big government policies of liberal Democrats like Tim Kaine.

As the next U.S. Senator from Virginia, I will strive to restore the great American dream you and I know and love. So please make a generous contribution to help me Retire Tim Kaine from the U.S. Senate.

Anthony, allow me a few minutes of your time to explain where I stand on the issues critical to our nation today:

  1. It’s time the politicians in D.C. make good on their promise to fully repeal Obamacare. We have heard this promise for 8 years; it is time for repeal now. My opponent Sen. Tim Kaine is an unrepentant advocate for socialized medicine in America and voted for Obamacare.
  2. Under my Chairmanship of Prince William County, I trimmed spending by more than $143 million. I’ll take the fight from my local community to Washington D.C. in order to shrink government and grow American jobs through the private sector.
  3. I have received national and regional recognition for actions such as implementing the nation’s toughest crackdown on illegal immigration, resulting in Prince William County turning over more than 7,500 criminal illegal immigrants to the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.
  4. As Virginia’s next U.S. Senator, I will stand for our Law Enforcement, Veterans, and blue collar workers by stopping illegal immigration, fully repealing Obamacare, and bringing back American jobs.

I won’t back down or compromise my conservative principles and values. I’m prepared to win this race the old-fashioned way – through pure grassroots power.

In short, with your help, we will Take Back Virginia from the Democrats.
But left-wing dark money groups, the liberal media, and even establishment Republicans are ready to scour my reports looking for any sign of weakness. That’s why I’m reaching out to you today to ask for your support.

So please, follow this secure link to make your most generous contribution of $25, $50, $100, or more to help Fire Tim Kaine from the U.S. Senate?

Sen. Kaine and the ex-Clinton staffers running his campaign are hoping to use my reports to prove their narrative that a real conservative change agent can’t win this race.

I need your support to prove them wrong – unlike Sen. Kaine, I don’t have the millions from the Clinton crime family fueling my campaign.

Instead, hard-working Americans like yourself fuel this campaign and are ready to restore liberty and freedom in America.

Whatever amount you can afford to donate, please know I promise to be a good steward of your investment.

It could be no greater honor then to have your support and confidence in becoming the next United Senator from Virginia.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

For America,

Corey Stewart
Republican for U.S. Senate (VA)”

In his new book, BIG AGENDA, David Horowitz adds information to Mr. Stewart’s thoughtful review of his opponent. Here’s what Mr. Horowitz says: “Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, is a former Christie Institute Marxist who supported the communist guerrillas in Central America during the Cold War.”

It is eye-opening and gratifying that the Republican Party has, nationally, brought forward candidates like Corey Stewart, who are willing to run for public office.  I urge you to consider supporting his candidacy with a monetary gift. We cannot afford to have the Senate slip into the hands of the Democrats. On the contrary, Republicans must increase their numbers there if they hope to assist Mr. Trump in putting through his legislative programs.








CHEYENNE, WY – 5/4/17 – “Does God Exist?” The answer to that question, and to positions advocated by the religion of Christianity have, for some people, become a provocation; something that makes them angry, something that they think limits them in some way, in their quest for absolute freedom.

Those people have grown accustomed to regarding traditional, time-tested viewpoints and behavior as something to be done away with in favor of cheap trends. Relativism prevails in those circles. What is “relativism?” A worldview that does not recognize anything as definitive and whose ultimate standard consists solely of one’s own ego and desires.

I do not know what the Catholic Church – or the Roman Catholic Church – or even the present Pope, Pope Francis believes about this issue. But, I know that Pope Benedict XVI, who retired because of his failing health, believes that relativism is gradually coming to  an end. “A  growing number of people cherish Christianity not only for the liturgy which is displayed by its member denominations, but the resistance it is showing to those with a different, destructive worldview. In short, a transformation of awareness is at last becoming evident. People are beginning again to take Christian witness seriously and to live their religion authentically.”

Is he right? You have only to read the posts of many of the people on this wall to answer that question. But, you might want to read the book,  Benedict XVI: Light of the World. The Pope the Church, and the Signs of the Times. The book, a series of conversation between the Pope and Peter Seewald, with a forward by George Weigel, is an excellant discussion of this and other current issues.

God bless.


CHEYENNE, WY; 5/3/17 – Yesterday or today? North Korea attempted to fire a missile from a small submarine, which was stationary, a few feet below the surface. The sub had been operational since 2005. The missile? New. The test failed. It was supposed to be another of North Korea’s warnings to the United States not to take part in naval war games off the coast with its neighbor to the south. North Korea considers these war games as rehearsals for an invasion of its country.

Last week, the United States fired two nuclear missiles from a silo in Montana. The tests were a success. The missiles had more than enough range to reach all of the North     Korean cities, including its ten most populous; its capital, Pyongyang, Hamhung, Wonsan, Kaesong, Chongjin, and several others.

Meanwhile, one of our nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, the USS Carl Vincent, and its strike force of cruisers and destroyers, is participating in the annual tactical games with South Korea’s navy, off the South Korean coast. This annual event is considered as a provocation by North Korea’s government, even though it has been done every year for the past five years or more.

As for the few U.S. citizens  who feel that President Trump’s policies are to blame for this heightened state of anger between the two countries – the snowflakes who worry constantly about everything  the Trump Administration does, both foreign and domestic; the problems between North Korea and the United States go back long before Mr. Trump entered the political scene. They stem from the differences between the North and South on that peninsula over smaller issues; but ultimately to the fact that the North wants to annex the South, just as North Vietnam wanted to annex South Vietnam. What stands in their way? Several divisions of United States troops – some 28,000 soldiers – stationed on the border between the two countries.

My thought? Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean leader should cease his bellicose complaining. He would have to be nuts to continue his strident language. Threatening military action against a nuclear power when armed with a fly swatter is not too bright; and this man is no dummy.