Review 3: Timko – Little Sister Lost

 5 out of 5 stars An Exciting Book and More! July 17, 2007
By: Sr. Jean Marie Timko, O.P. (I’m a Dominican nun in Thermoplois, WY).  
The novel starts off exciting and doesn’t quite. Dr. Sacco writes about the different characters we’ll meet in the book – introducing them to us before getting into the full story. That’s a stroke of genius, because when he brings them into the story later, we really feel that we know them and understand their actions, motivations, and conversations more fully.Then, the author – through a flashback technique – gets into the political scene of the times, honing in on Richard Nixon as a young Representative in Congress, and the infiltration of communist spies into our government. At first, I found this section a bit boring and was tempted to fast-forward because I wanted to get to the meat of the book. Don’t do that! Stick with it.
This is one of the best books I’ve ever read. It describes the greed, deceptions and power-hungry political leaders of that era, including presidents. And it explains why many people turned to communism; basically because they were dissatisfied with what politicians were doing to our country, and felt that an atheisitic, socialistic society was the answer. It sounds like something happening now; a multi-billionaire using his personal wealth to turn the USA into an atheistic, secular society. Continuing to read the book gives us answers to many upsetments, faulty beliefs, and angers found in so many lives, and leads us back to the One that many, especially leaders, are trying to erase completely from our society. It will also help us find out what TRUE freedom is all about.

The book also reveals a keen insight into the author, whose faith is deep and as wide as his knowledge of what we call human beings.

I believe whoever picks up this book, because they like mysteries, will find healing taking place, especially if they need healing in their lives.

Because it’s 400+ pages, you might be tempted to put it aside. But don’t. Stick with it to the end. You’ll be surprised at the effect it will have on your life.

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